Friday, July 22, 2011

Studio: Beyond the Canvas

Currently working on a series of small square drawings that are abstract in form. In them I'm attempting to encourage the viewer into questioning what could lie beyond the canvas, beyond the drawn line.

line drawings grew as the week went on

These initial drawings were later developed further within my sketchbook. I'm hoping to continue this series into an artists book.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

12-Pages: Issue 8 Altered States

The new issue of 12-Pages, TBC Artists' Collective online is now live on TBC blog - Edited by Laura Davidson, the project challenged TBC members and their open submission to contribute to the theme Altered States.

Work generated for the brief originally stemmed from producing a series of notes brainstorming initial relationships and ideas based on the brief. I had discussed with Laura that these pieces could be uploaded onto 12-Pages blog as works in progress. However it was later discovered that this aided the narrative for the three pieces of work.
In Altered States I had become interested in exploring redundant acts that have aspirations to create and inform change.

For the best part of this year I've been working on the Residue series which explores the juxtaposition of contained gestures within abstract forms. Later works grew into creating two layers featuring ghostly geometric shapes, the Pallid series.

Residue: Pallid 

A single drawing from the Pallid series would act as signifier of information distributed, unable to reach it intended audience. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Exhibition: Radicals and Non-Conformists

Photography by Rosie Collins

The online publication for Radicals and Non-Conformists will feature selected works from the exhibition. It will be available from mid August.

12-Pages: Altered States


The next issue of 12-Pages, the online publication from TBC Artists' Collective, will be available from 19th July. Edited by TBC member, Laura Davidson the forthcoming issue is entitled Altered States and will include new work by TBC artists.