Thursday, September 16, 2010

Work In Progress: Scratch Black Installation

Work has begun on creating Scratch Black installation. Finished work will be shown at Delineation: Contemporary Dialogues with Drawing exhibition at The Crypt Gallery, London in October 2010.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Parallel - Non Colour detail

Gaylene Gould - WriteTalkListen Showroom with Beverley Bennett 02/10

Showroom is a new section that showcases interesting up-coming artists. First up is a Beverley Bennett, a recent graduate that makes intricate marks on paper with ink and brush. The effect is similar to that of deciphering doodles, witnessing a mind wend its journey. At the same time, there is such space and air around the marks that there is also time to let your own mind wander. The work is also sculptural in feel. Some pieces are made 3d by way of securing delicate slithers of paper to the wall with pins. The work feels at once precious and yet transient, like one breath could take it away. Lovely. Beverley’s piece Interruptions illustrates this month’s article ‘Soul Speak in 8 Parts’.

Where did you study?

Middlesex University

Current exhibition

Action! at Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool curated by Sonia Boyce

How would you describe your creative process?

Labour intensive and sense of discovery. I say discovery as I don’t really have a clear sense of what may be produced although the process I adopt is repetitive yet ritualistic

What are the personal traits you most draw on when you work?

The ability to allow happy accidents and ritualistic tendencies to occur through play while staying focused.

How would you like your work to make others feel?

To feel drawn to it yet slightly disturbed on closer inspection.

Which artists/individuals do you most admire?

Agnes Martin, Kara Walker, Chris Ofili, Annette Messager, Franicis Alys, Sophie Calle, John Hillard, Duane Michels, Sonia Boyce – There are quite a few! Individual? It would have to be my mom. Scar is a piece of work inspired by her (first image)

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Gaylene is a writer, broadcaster, coach and project consultant. She has worked in the international cultural sector for twenty years and has programmed and produced across every artform and media. She has worked with a range of international organisations including the Toronto International Film Festival, British Film Institute, FILMCLUB, the Museum Service, Hot Docs Film Festival, and the Arts Council England. She has also directed documentaries for television and is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4’s flagship art show Front Row. She offers coaching sessions and workshops including, most recently, for the Step Change programme at the National Theatre and Royal Opera House. She is an experienced project director and established the Underground Railroad network to support and profile black British artists and creative entrepreneurs. She is a published writer, has lectured extensively and is currently working on her first novel, The Sacrifice. She is Faculty Member of The School of Life and a 2009/10 Clore Fellow.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Work In Progress: New Parallel - Non Colour

Subtle hints of non-colour added to the New Parallel series. In describing them as non-colour I attempt to remove preconceived references, hence their subtle application to the surface.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Work In Progress: New Parallel

This new series depicts geometric shapes with vertical lines cutting through diagrammatic structures. Progression of these works may include subtle hints of colour.