Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sketchbook: Residue Grey

Grey. Grey just has a clear-cut character, it does not unleash emotions or associations, grey is really neither visible nor invisible. Grey is, by virtue if its neutrality, so eminently suited to act as a mediator, to clarify, just as illustionistically as a photograph. And it is better than any other colour for clarifying 'nothingness'.
 - Gerhard Richter, Fundamental Painting, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, 25th April - 22nd June 1975

The above quote by Richter maybe true when it comes to the act of painting however, this truth maybe not lend itself to the act of drawing. There are two such occasions within the 'Residue' series where grey refuses to sit in the confines that Richter has decided to place it in. Firstly emotions are highlighted by gestural act, the movement of the pastel upon a surface. Secondly 'nothingness' is depicted by the paper of which grey lays upon.

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