Monday, August 1, 2016

Dissonance - New Art Exchange, Nottingham

In Dissonance, Beverley Bennett collaborates with a number of Nottingham based artists across different art forms to explore how her drawings can be a catalyst for the creative process, beyond visual arts. Each artist/collaborator has been given the task of reconfiguring Bennett's drawings into a graphic score and/or interpreting the drawings into their medium of choice including dance, poetry and sculpture.

More information can be found here - Dissonance at New Art Exchange

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Unpick - work in progress

Unpick from Beverley Bennett on Vimeo.

Unpick is a work in progress, a video based piece which explores the narratives of the post Windrush generation.
Bennett’s hands are seen unpicking string vest fabric. Audio accompanies in the piece in the form of an interview Bennett conducts with her mother about her life in Jamaica and the life she has subsequently built in England.The telling of the story is fragmented with a broken timeline, mirroring the way Bennett decides to unpick sections of the fabric. As the piece continues the fabric begins to fray and disintegrate.